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Welcome to the Inland Empire Business Alliance PAC, Riverside and San Bernardino County’s premier organization fighting for small business progress across this dynamic region.

From the High Desert to the Coachella Valley the IEBA PAC supports free enterprise and stands with candidates who believe in a secure today and a better tomorrow.

Inland Empire Business Alliance PAC. Welcome aboard!

Paid for by the Inland Empire Business Alliance - FPPC ID#1389921 - 1748 Brentwood Ave - Upland, California 91784

As the leading voice for small business action, we are proud to support elected officials and candidates who believe in the California dream of prosperity and economic security. Lower taxes. Less regulatory red tape. More opportunities.

When candidates or causes are supported by our organization it’s only after a careful and thorough review of their record and positions on issues. We hold candidates to the highest ethical standards.

If IEBA opposes a political candidacy it means the politician has failed us in office or on character. Integrity matters and our region deserves the highest caliber in our elected officials.

Thank you for your intrrest in the IEBA PAC. We appreciate your visit and we hope you’ll understand the importance of your vote!